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Tim Hart: being happy with what you have

Tim Hart: being happy with what you have

| Francesca Garattoni

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With his new upcoming album Winning Hand (Nettwerk Records) about to be released, we took the chance to ask a few questions to Tim Hart on this intimate and contemplative work recorded with Simon Berkelman at the Golden Retriever Studios in Sydney.


How did Winning Hand come to life and what does the title stand for?

Winning Hand for me is the concept of being happy with what you have and not always looking enviously to all those around you. It for me is a very freeing concept.”


Is there a red thread through Winning Hand

“The album is almost a tour diary that I’ve written over a couple of years of touring. At times it’s about what’s going on in my mind and at times about what’s going on around me. There’s lots about love and family and loss. Ultimately Winning Hand is about discovering a sense of self.”


In your third single Steady as She Goes you talk about what home is to you. What is then “home” during these difficult times? Do you think that its meaning has changed?

“When I wrote this song I was writing less about a place and more about a feeling. A sense of belonging. I know that sounds strange because I mention Sydney. But it’s more how being around friends and family make me feel. And in that sense it hasn’t really changed. You can feel just as at home while going through the horrible times we currently are I think.”


This is the first time recording your album with a full band. Can you tell us something more about this decision? 

“Recording with the full band was a way of me letting go of control. Previous albums I have played the majority of instruments. This time I just wanted to focus on the songs and let other great players focus on their thing!”


How was born the collaboration with Bianca Braithwaite and her artwork?

“Bianca is such a talented artist in many mediums. I was really drawn to the honesty and detail of what she does. She was amazing at getting what was in my head into artwork. She is very very talented!”


You have created a mixtape on Spotify that you update every month. How do you select the songs you add?

“I love creating these playlist and the simple answer is that I love listening to lots of music. Last year when lockdown started I realised I’d been so immersed in the music world that I stopped loving the simple pleasure of listening to music. That’s why I make these playlists to share and discover new music with other people.”


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