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Three Questions to: Sam Burton

Three Questions to: Sam Burton

| Redazione

What would you like to inspire in the people who listen to your songs?
I’m not trying to inspire anything in people. I just want to do my best making songs. I want to stay as true as I’m capable of to the process. Everyone has their own response or lack thereof to music when they hear it and it makes no difference to me what that is. I’m just happy to be able to write and share my music. 

What do you like the most of making music?
I couldn’t pick what I like most as I couldn’t imagine giving any aspect of it up by choice so I’ll just say that my favorite right now is the writing process. I enjoy the solitude of it or rather the communion with the self. The process of making songs feels much more meaningful than the songs themselves. When I’m able to search my unconscious and trust what comes through it feels akin to a spiritual practice. I enjoy the sense of purpose and mystery. There can be a peace to it and it can also make me very frustrated and self critical but  I like discovering more about myself through the process. 

Is there any event or festival in particular you would like to play?
I would love to play a show in Palestine. It’s where my father is from. It would be very meaningful to me to play there. 

Cover pic: Kathryn Vetter Miller